The story of the ensemble

   The Corpus Trombone Quartet was founded in 2001 by young students of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music with the help of Tivadar Stan. On the same year the quartet entered their first international competition the 7th Brass Chamber Competition, Passau, Germany.

   As a result of their three month ensemble playing before they won the jury's special prize thus they fastly worked up their repertoire. Thereafter their activity embraced a common workshop of two years. During these two years the ensemble acquired a homogenous sonority virtuoso technique thus they confirmed their faith in continuing the common work. 

   In 2003 the quartet achieved its first victory at 32th International Trombone Festival's trombone quartet competition. They won another competition the 5th Philip Jones International Brass Chamber Competition in the same year enhancing the fame of the Hungarian brass culture. In 2004 they again attended the 4th Jan Koetsier International Trombone Quartet Competition where they won the first prize. Afterwards they made a lot of concert tours among others several times in USA and Japan. They also played in Egypt and in numerous countries of Europe as well as a number of concerts in Hungary. 

   Those years they made three CD's as well that have been sold continually from USA to Japan in many countries. In 2005 the British musical instrument maker Michael Rath - who experienced the quartet's success - invited them to the UK and since then he has protected the ensemble with his master trombones. Those years the quartet s and many others. In 2006 they won the Hungarian Star Prize as well as the prize Chamber Ensemble of the Year. They acquired the Artisjus ( hungarian music copyright agency) Prize in 2008 and 2011 for their interpretation of Hungarian contemporary pieces. In 2010 the quartet won the 11th International Brass Chamber Competition Passau, Germany. 

   In 2012 the ensemble organized for university students the 1st Hungarian National Trombone Competition called "Corpus" Trombone competition. They organized this competition from year to year extend it for secondary school students and they developed it for international level i.e. for students from foreign countries. After the ITF Valencia 2015 the quartet made from their ITF concert on CD called "Live". On the last two years they made an International Competition - with Michael Rath help - as the part of the Hungarian Trombone Bootcamp. Also they made two more CD's :

   "Contemporary" in 2018 and a Hungarian folk music CD in 2019 called "Madarka".

   The quartet played with such world famous artists like Steven Mead, James Morrison, Vincenzo Paratore, Brandt Attema, Mark Nightingale, Marshall Gilkes, Zoltan Kiss and many more...